Guitar Lessons. Arranging. Transcribing.


1/2 hour-------$30.00

3/4 hour------$40.00

1 hour----------$50.00

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My guitars lessons focus mainly on beginner through intermediate with advanced work in areas such as fretboard knowledge, music theory,  improvisation and arranging, including solo jazz guitar. I also teach beginner bass guitar. I cover most styles and teach flat picking, strumming and finger style, while emphasizing proper fingering and timing.

I use tablature extensively, which is great for having access to as much material as you can handle, but it can also be a hindrance because we don't want to always need a sheet of paper to play music. So I advocate finding some sort of balance by encouraging memorizing some pieces and also exploring the guitar through improvisation. 

Reading music is optional but for elementary school age students I find it very valuable. Especially when they have difficulty playing chords. It gives them something more linear and they can see themselves progressing quickly if they put the time into it. The other thing is what the "studies have shown," learning to play music, including reading music is excellent for brain development.

I have an extensive collection of songs in tablature and notation. I write out as much of my own music as I can find time to using the Sibelius Music writing software. I prefer this method because the tabs, etc., are of professional quality and I can enlarge the print without any blurring. My sheets are sweet! I also use Sheet Music Direct extensively to get professional transcriptions over the internet during the session. Lastly, I also encourage folks to bring in the stuff that they are trying to learn or are stuck on. A lot of the free tabs out there aren't accurate. I can help you get to the right notes.